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Welcome to PDF2HTML! We are a website that helps you convert your PDF files to HTML fast and without any errors. We know that PDF files need to be converted into HTML by companies and website owners. With our approach, you will have no problem getting the best results and a tremendous experience no matter the situation. We believe that quality is everything, which is why we offer the best PDF2HTML conversion on the market online.

Why should you use an online tool?

The best thing about PDF2HTML is that you can perform the conversion online. You never have to worry about dealing with any hassles or problems. The conversion process is fast, convenient and stable. You keep everything under control, and the results are extremely interesting no matter the situation. Plus, you can stay away from viruses or anything that would come with a downloadable installer. The entire process is designed to be very convenient, and that on its own will be among some of the best features that you can find out there.

Are there any limitations?

Thankfully, there are no limitations. We can convert any type of PDF document. There’s no need to worry about any size limits or anything like that. It doesn’t matter if your PDF file has a single page or 200 pages. Sure, the conversion time will differ based on the size of the file. But other than that results will be extraordinary and you will have no problem getting the best experience regardless of the situation. We believe that quality matters, and that’s why we don’t place any limits when it comes to the PDF2HTML conversion.

Image detection

PDF2HTML has a unique algorithm, and that allows us to detect images in no time. So yes, you can easily have the images converted just as naturally, and the entire experience is very rewarding every time due to that. It helps a lot, and that’s what you need to consider no matter the situation. Also, all images are placed in the correct context. This way you can avoid any contextual errors that can sometimes appear out of nowhere. It gives a lot more value and quality to the entire process.

OCR features

Yes, PDF2HTML does perform OCR if necessary. Sometimes it can be tricky to identify the content of a PDF file, which is why PDF2HTML has its own OCR solution integrated within the website algorithm. That makes it easy for you to identify the full website content without any hassle.

Don’t hesitate and use PDF2HTML if you want to get the best possible results when converting PDF to HTML. The process is very fast and convenient, and we always let you choose the utmost benefits and value. Our solution is reliable, fast and very convenient. It’s also free of any viruses or security problems. If you want to convert PDF to HTML safely online, don’t hesitate to use our website today. It’s the free PDF to HTML solution you always wanted!

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